The cost of data breaches in the United States has been rising steadily. Illegal attempts to obtain private information from businesses and individuals have continued to increase in number and severity. Small businesses, especially those in the medical industry due to the passage of the HIPPA/HITECH rule in 2013, are facing similar problems with an increase in liability and exposure. The Optometric Protector Plan, a provider of cyber liability insurance, has released the top five tips for preventing data breaches in order to educate business owners and lessen the risks associated with cyber-attacks.

1. Assess the cost of a cyber-attack for your industry
The cost of being the target of a cyber-attack varies by industry. For example, Data breaches for the healthcare industry as well as educational institutions are some of the most costly. Research the average cost incurred from data breaches for your industry and profession.

2. Educate your employees about cyber security
According to Ponemon Institute’s most recent analysis of global data breaches, a quarter of data breaches are caused by human error. Invest in the education of your employees to minimize the risk of accidental data leakage.

3. Invest in secure systems
System glitches, although sometimes inevitable, are very preventable. A knowledgeable IT staff, whether in-house or out-sourced, can help reduce the frequency and the severity of system glitches.

4. Encrypt all sensitive data
Encryption adds another layer of protection. Sensitive data should not be left unencrypted.

5. Invest in a Cyber Liability insurance policy
Many cyber liability insurance policies provide tools for preventing data breaches. The Optometric Protector Plan offers a cyber liability policy that provides credit monitoring, call center services and support from experts. These tools may help prevent cyber-attacks and costly data leakages.

For more information on Cyber Liability Insurance or to request a quote, visit The Optometric Protector Plan website.

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