Malpractice & Business Insurance for Ophthalmologists

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The OPP® – Ophthalmologist Protector Plan insurance program, through our carrier MedPro Group, are pleased to offer a professional liability insurance program designed specifically for ophthalmologists nationwide. Through our partnership, we are able to offer participating ophthalmologists a superior medical professional liability insurance product through MedPro Group, rated A++ “Superior” by A. M. Best for financial strength and stability. Those Ophthalmologists insured through our program will benefit from being part of a team, dedicated to providing you with excellence in knowledge and professionalism, in addition to receiving an insurance plan that is unmatched, nationwide.

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Coverage Features

  • Early and aggressive defense
    • Claims Expertise – insurance claims staff averages more than 20 years of experience handling claims
      • Local Defense Counsel – MedPro Group uses top local defense attorneys that specialize in defending medical malpractice claims
        • Winning Defense Record – For the past ten years nationally, MedPro Group closed 80% of our physicians’ cases without payment and won 85% of our physicians’ trials
          • Joint Decision-Making, Consent to Settle provision – policyholders actively participate in preparing and assessing their cases
          • Loss-free credits
            • Part-time credit
              • New-to-practice credit
                • New-to-company credit (in some states)
                  • Approved Electronic Health Records Management credit
                  • Consultants average more than 20 years experience in the healthcare industry
                    • Risk management news and information
                      • Broad range of consulting services
                        • Home study, online or classroom attendance programs for doctors and staff
                          • Medical CE credits available
                          • Primary medical professional liability insurance coverage
                            • Occurrence and claims-made insurance forms available
                              • MedPro CyberSheild Coverage ($50,000 aggregate included, higher limits available)
                                • Billing Errors & Omissions Coverage ($25,000 defense only coverage included, higher limits available)
                                  • Varying limits of liability available
                                    • Defense of Medicare/Medicaid fraud accusations (limited defense, subject to $25K/$100K cap)
                                      • Part-time and prior-acts coverage options