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Be Cyber Smart

Cyber-security has become a crucial issue for many healthcare organizations in 2017. To exploit the vulnerabilities of information systems in any possible way, many acknowledged attacks made the headline news this year. Healthcare organizations, such as Optometric practices are some of the entities the patients trust the most and that hold the most sensitive information about their customers: name, date and place of birth, medical records, social security details, etc. Suffering from many challenges (low operational budget, lack of internal IT departments, excessive use of operations support system/business support systems), healthcare industry has have become easy targets for hackers, facing more and more pressure and threats from them.

[toggle title=”How to Prevent Breaches”]Eye care professionals operate sensitive infrastructures due to their criticality for people’s well-being and safety. Optometric practices and research labs handle unique and valuable assets that digitization, systems inter-connectivity, etc. make more and more exposed to cyber threats.Read more[/toggle]
[toggle title=”How to Choose A Cyber Liability Insurance”] Sometimes hackers and other cyber criminals hold your information hostage until you pay them the amount they demand. They can also alter patients’ records. Your patients can be permanently or temporarily injured through direct actions such as performing inadequate medical acts or turning off critical active optometric devices; but their health may also be affected by indirect actions aiming at disrupting care. Read more[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Right Coverage For You”] Even within your practice, their could be many vulnerabilities within your tightest security as there are multiple eye care professionals and practice employees that have access to patients’ medical
records. Each entity can be attacked and hackers can get equal profits by targeting different entities. Read more[/toggle]
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