Business Insurance Coverages To Consider: Property and General Liability Coverages

Eye care professionals such as Optometrists face unique risks including property damage to their medical business office or loss of business records and patient files. When selecting the right coverages for you and your professional needs, it’s important to understand the differences. Two of the most common types of commercial insurance are property and general liability coverage.

General Liability helps protect your Optometric business from certain lawsuits alleging injuries or property damage that occurred as the result of your business operations. For example, general liability coverage would protect your business from third-party claims for bodily injury, associated medical costs and damage to someone else’s property. A general liability policy will cover you for common risks, including customer injuries on your premises, such as a slip and fall incident or damage to someone else’s property. Even if you think you’re unlikely to face a claim, getting insurance is a wise investment. If you answer ‘yes’ to the questions below, consider getting your free quote now

  • Do you have clients who visited your place of work?
  • Do you visit a client’s place of work?
  • Do you use third-party locations for any business related activities?
  • Are you required to have general liability insurance before entering into a contract?

Property insurance pays for losses and damages to your building and/or contents. Through the Optometric Protector Plan® we have a property policy specifically designed for medical offices. Some coverage highlights include:

  • Valuable Papers and Records Coverage – for the cost to restore information from documents, such as paper medical records.
  • Money and Securities Coverage – protection against the theft of money paid by patients.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage – protection against covered cost of repairs and loss of business income resulting from damage to equipment.
  • Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage – protects you against loss of income for up to 12 months, and can pay the cost of necessary extra expenses to keep you in business.

Emphasize and Further Differentiate the Quality of Care and Personal Service You Offer

There are often many options available to people in need of an eye care professionals. It is important for an optometry office to understand the best way of acquiring and retaining new patients, while still reaching profit expectations. Choosing the right protection will make a substantial impact on the success of your professional operations and on keeping your talented resources!

The Optometric Protector Plan is the right protection for the talent that keeps your business strong!

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